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Soil Myths – Acidic Soil Promotion

Let’s face it, what we often take to be common horticultural knowledge is often a mixed bagged of misinformation, outdated concepts,  and half-truths at the best of times. One that is persistent in horticulture and plant propagation is that pine acidifies soil and that the application of pine bark or pine needles promotes acidification and pH buffering […]

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Kick Start Your Spring Growth With New Orleans Garden Supplies From Wood Materials

This past winter was mild, and now it’s nearly gone. That means it’s time to break out the hoes and trowels and start planning your 2013 garden! This year, give your greenery a nice kick start with some New Orleans garden supplies produced by Wood Materials. You’ll save some money (and the environment!) by buying […]

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One of our New Orleans Garden Soil Blends is Perfect for Your Next Landscaping Project

It doesn’t take too many different ingredients to produce a huge array of possibilities. That’s certainly the case with our garden soils. We combine a little sand, a little mulch, and a little compost to produce the finest New Orleans garden soil available, and by varying the proportions we can provide the perfect soil for […]

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