We do not own or operate any delivery vehicles, but instead we have a large pool of 3rd party haulers that have a variety of vehicle type. Those relationships allow us to get you the amount of material you need when and where you need it in an efficient manner. We can offer delivery of product “loose” via dump truck or walking floor trailer as well as in Super Sack Totes. Please call in advance to find out your delivery options for the type of material needed.

We are only able to broker shipments in triaxles or larger. If you require:

4 cubic yards or less, please contact Mrs. Linda at 504-382-9187

4 to 10 cubic yards, please contact Mr. Dan at 504-4500-3500

Both parties are independent drivers who are able to delivery in quantities below what we can broker. They will be able to provide you a shipping and material cost so you have a single point of contact.

*Note: Pickup of loose material and super sack totes is also available but please keep in mind that we can only load “open” vehicles such as pickup trucks and trailers; not passenger vehicles such as SUV’s or cars. Also note your truck/trailer weight capacity as almost every pickup truck/trailer can hold more volume than weight. For example you may be able to fill your pickup truck /trailer with 2 cubic yards of a lightweight material such as “shipping peanuts”, but only 1/2 cubic yard of soil because of the weight of the soil, sand, aggregate, etc.

The most important thing that we need from you is the type of material and/or the end use, the quantity of material, and the location address of where you want it delivered. The more information you provide the more we can help you in getting you the best material at the best price.

In order to figure out the amount of material it is necessary to measure the length, width, and depth of the area. These measurements are critical in order to come up with an approximate cubic volume. Cubic Volume: Length x Width x Depth (Height). Just imagine that you are trying to fill a cardboard box All measurements must be done in linear feet so inch measure must be converted to feet by dividing any inch measurements by 12. The answer will then be in Cubic Feet; To convert to Cubic Yard divide the answer by 27. There are 27 cubic feet in a single cubic yard.

By example if you have a 10 ft x 10 ft area and need to fill it with 4 inches of material: (4/12= .33) 10x10x.33= 33 cubic feet; 33/27=1.22 cubic yards.

OR: Just click on this link for a great calculator!


  • Delivery is to the front of the property. The Driver has the final word on where the material can be placed. Safety is paramount.
  • Delivery Fees do not include material cost, hand labor, spreading of material, etc. We can recommend spreading services but spreading/grading is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Materials range from 1.5 to .75 tons per cubic yard.
  • Please give us at least 2 days notice when ordering material for delivery.
  • If you are ordering garden soil for a raised bed vegetable garden, we recommend that you install the soil several weeks before planting.