Soil Products

Garden Soil

Our garden soils are formulated with quality materials and designed for specific applications. See our Garden Soil Page for additional details. We have soil mixes for all purpose garden beds, vegetable beds, and even turf grasses.
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compost blendsWood Materials has compost blends for both initial growing base when starting your new garden, or as an amendment to established soils. With the right mix of organic materials, our compost products are designed to provide your plants with what they need. For additional details, view our Compost Products Page.
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Mulch Products

all organic, and use locally grown mulchOur mulch products are designed to conserve moisture, improve soil health, reduce weed growth and enhance the appeal of the area. Our products are all organic, and use locally grown materials.
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aggregate, commercial job or your backyardWood Materials sells pumped river sand, limestone and peal gravel at all three of our yards in the metro area. Give us a call for details.
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