Healthy, Living, Organic Soils

Soil designed to be used for all of your landscaping needs

WM Landscape Soil

Wood Materials Landscape soil is the perfect landscape foundation soil. This blend has a high organic material content that includes our Premium Compost, Soil Builder, and Rebirth Soil which help to feed your plants and your soil with stable slow release nutrients. Our Sandy Loam content assist in nutrient retention while still allowing for good water permeability and with pine bark fines rounding out this workhorse blend. This soil is perfect for general landscaping as well as vegetable gardening where one already has a fertilization and soil building program in-place.

WM Vegetable Garden Soil

Wood Materials Vegetable Garden Soil is designed for the urban organic farmer in need of a highly efficient and biologically rich soil to support fast growing, nutrient dense organic fruits and vegetables. A great harvest starts with healthy, living, organic soil and ours is uncompromising in blending to meet your gardening needs. We begin by mixing our Soil Builder, Sandy Loam, Rebirth Soil, pine bark fines, and Premium Compost. We then add an organic slow release fertilizer (4-3-4 and OMRI listed) to act as an initial fertilizer and inoculate the soil with high populations of beneficial nitrogen fixing and nitriying bacteria.

Turf Blend

Wood Materials Turf Blend is a fast setting, easy leveling, quick draining product specially blended and perfectly suited for the installation of new sod, turf seeding, or lawn leveling. Our mix of Sandy Loam and composted organic material ensures your lawn has base nutrients and the capacity to maintain them without encouraging biotic diseases that lead to sod and seeding failure. The aged and cured organic material allows strong turf development that requires less fertilization, less IPM management, giving you more time to enjoy your healthy and vibrant lawn.

Soil Builder

Our soil builder is our base material, used in almost every soil we provide. This is a well cured, composted woody blend that has been screened to leave only the fine organic material. Far too high an organic content to use as a straight planting medium but perfect for using as a base to make your own blend (potting, raised bed, or in-ground) or when needed to add organic nutrients and microbiological life to a site with too much sand, heavy clay, or poor organic content.

Rebirth Soil

This is our newest blend, formulated for container gardening and other locations where percolation is a priority. A higher Sandy Loam percentage provides greater percolation than our WM Vegetable Garden Soil while containing a high level of readily available organic material and stabilized slow release organics.

Sandy Loam

USDA classified Sandy Loam, verified from our US Composting Council certified lab, is a mix of the three base inorganic materials (sand/silt/clay) that provide the basis of all inorganic nutrient cycling in a healthy soil. Because this is a mined material, the composition and distribution of the inorganics will vary slightly from the average 70% river sand/15% silt/15% clay.

PGA Open Cell Paver Mix

Our ability to blend and design engineered soils to meet any need is on display with our PGA Open Cell Paver Mix. Designed by Wood Materials and approved for use by the PGA this material is specifically tailored for use in open cell pavers where high percolation and low compaction properties are critical. This mix will grow great turf (initially developed for TifSport Bermuda but this will grow any high performance turf!)  while ensuring drainage and material stability.

Fill Sand

Wood Materials pumps river sand directly from the river in New Orleans and on to our yard over the levee on the batture (pronounced batcher). River sand is very thin dirt-sand combination that can be used to fill holes in your yard, or level out uneven landscape surfaces.