SIMPLIFIED Calculate Mulch/Soil Needed

In the last post I went over the simple math for calculating square yards. I firmly believe that no matter how easily something can be simplified one should always provide the way in which such simplicity is truly derived. As a scientist and rationalist, I want to know how something works and see proofs of how the theory is applied to get the answer but sometimes a person just needs a reliable tool to help get to an answer in a hurry or double-check one’s outputs. Thanks to Wolfram Alpha you can quickly and easily calculate using the widget above. Enjoy!


FYI: This is provided as a courtesy and results are for estimating purposes only. The last post showed how to conclusively determine base material needs. Since the widget above is a non Wood Materials affiliated resources, provided as-is, we make no claims to accuracy as code we have no control over can change and produce bad results. If you have any questions read the previous post and check your work. Cheers!