US COMPOSTING Seal of Testing Assurance

Only 11 labs in the US are approved to provided the rigorous TMECC testing required to certify a compost to the exacting demands shaped though good science and good governance that allows certification of a compost through the US Composting Council. I am proud to announce that Wood Materials Compost and Soil Builder, the basis of all our soils, has recently been tested for the first time, testing managed by US Plant and Soil Lab, and passed beautifully. This material exceeded all test and as such we’ve submitted and expect to soon be the only registered STA approved compost facility in Louisiana. While we regularly test all of our soil products for pH, salts, nutrients, cation exchange capacity (and too many additional components that any competent agronomic product should be tested for) the TMECC suite goes much further in testing for pathogens, heavy and toxic metals, inert materials (glass, metal, and plastic) O2 stability, nutrient maturity, relative seed vigor, a bioassay to test emergent plant health, as well as additional test to ensure the product is healthy, organic, and environmentally safe. We passed with flying colors because “Healthy, Living, Organic, Soil” is not just a marketing gimmick, but is something we are passionate about.

Any of our customers wishing to look over any of our test are welcome to make an appointment with me or call to discuss.

To learn more about the US Composting Council and the Seal of Testing Assurance Program take at look at their website.