Mulch serves numerous purposes in our gardens, apart from looking fresh and manicured.


It helps your garden soil to retain moisture; blocks the growth of weeds; adds nutrients to the soil as it composts and breaks down; moderates the temperature of the soil; and adds support to the roots of the plants and trees. However, your soil will be adversely affected when mulch is applied at the wrong time of year.

So, when is the best time to put down new mulch?

If you’re mulching your garden beds for Summer, the best time to put down the mulch is in the Spring. Either late April or early May is an ideal time because the weather has become consistently warm and the soil has warmed to allow plant growth. It is wise to strip away the old mulch before laying down fresh mulch, not to exceed a 3 inch deep layer. This will allow plants to breath. Prior to putting the new mulch down, you should make sure your garden is free of weeds. Also, if it has not rained for a while prior to mulching, water your garden well to saturate the soil and then mulch. Taking these steps will ensure a successful garden.

By putting down a layer of mulch in the winter, it serves as an insulating blanket and protects the root systems of the plants from fluctuating temperatures. This thick layer of mulch should be laid after the first hard freeze. This allows plants not harmed by the freeze to go into dormancy until Spring. As with the layer of mulch put down in Spring, you would prepare your garden in much the same manner.

Winter mulch can also prevent damage from the cold to plant parts above the ground.

The mulch at Wood Materials is all organic and is sourced from locally grown materials. We sell Pine Bark Mulch and WM Mixed Wood Mulch, an economical mix of aged hard and soft wood used as top dress mulch or early season soil conditioner.

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