Wood Materials is your best resource for construction aggregates for any size project.

Our aggregates are used in a variety of projects from commercial and residential buildings to parking lots and airport runways. They are used as a base material under highways, parking lots, railroads, airport runways, and walkways. They are also incorporated into the construction of commercial buildings, roads, bridges, sewer systems, schools, hospitals, houses, and apartment projects. Many of the local levee construction, coastal erosion projects, water filtration and purification systems all use our construction aggregates.

#610 Limestone

610 Limestone is for use as road base or building pads in a new construction setting. This mixture packs down really well and is great for using it as a driveway/parking pad base.

#57 Limestone

57 Limestone is 3/4-1” clean grey tone crushed gravel. This material is the most common driveway and parking lot topping. It is also used as a base underneath concrete. 57 Limestone is our favorite grey gravel for driveways and parking areas. It can also be used in general landscaping: walkways, rock mulch, and garden paths.

#89 Limestone

89 Limestone is produced from natural materials such as granite gravel, limestone, dolomite or sandstone. The average size ranges from fine to 3/8 of an inch. 89 Limestone is used in concrete mix and asphalt mix. It can also be used for retaining walls and driveways. Other uses could be for irrigation purposes or as top dressing on gravel roads. This limestone is soft on the feet of adults, children, and pets.ent erosion.

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel is the type of gravel comes in a mix of natural colors and are rounded pea-sized pebbles that make it easy to rake and shovel. Pea gravel can be used for playgrounds, driveways, walkways and landscape designs. This material is a great alternative for driveways and costs much less than concrete.

Pump Sand

Our Pump River Sand can be used to fill and grade everything from your commercial job site to your backyard. Our river sand comes from the Mississippi River by way of our Dredge Barge.

Crushed Concrete

Similar to limestone, crushed concrete can serve similar applications but could contain inconsistencies. Overall it is an excellent alternative and sold at a cheaper price.

#57 Washed Gravel

57 Washed Gravel is 1 1/2″ Gravel is sized from an inch and a half down to a few 1/2” pieces. Most of this gravel comes in various shades of brown. Some 1 1/2” gravel is multicolored white to dark grey. Although it has lots of rounded surfaces, it also has fractured surfaces. Construction of pathways and driveways where a natural look is desired. In accent areas around statues and other landscaping features. Around downspouts to absorb runoff and prevent erosion.