Mulch serves numerous purposes in our gardens, apart from looking fresh and manicured.

It helps your garden soil to retain moisture; blocks the growth of weeds; adds nutrients to the soil as it composts and breaks down; moderates the temperature of the soil; and adds support to the roots of the plants and trees.

Pine Bark Mulch

Our favorite mulch!

A sustainable byproduct of the Southern pine industry (Unlike Cypress Mulch), 5/8″ hammered pine mulch has got the right pH values and the longevity that is found in a good mulch. highly attractive, this is the mulch to buy when you’re looking to impress. Current product is naturally reddish in hue.

WM Hardwood Mulch – Currently Sold Out

An economical mix of aged hard and soft wood used as a top dress mulch or soil conditioner.

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