Wood Materials is your Number 1 source for Pumped River Sand.

We are the leading supplier of construction sand in the Gulf South. We have provided river sand for both small and large products including New Orleans Louis Armstrong Airport, City Park, and the New Orleans Saints training facility. Our team can help you determine the quantity that you will need for your project, and we can deliver it to your job site.

Pumped River Sand

Our Pump River Sand can be used to fill and grade everything from your commercial job site to your backyard. Our river sand comes from the Mississippi River by way of our Dredge Barge.

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand is a form of sand that is used to create concrete. Concrete sand meets ASTM C33 specification for concrete use. If you are making concrete from start this is a material that you will need to have. The particles of sand are much smaller than other types of sand so the granules stick together better and make a better cement. If you are making cement, washed concrete sand would be best choice.

Mason Sand

Mason sand is classified as a fine aggregate, meaning it is has smaller particles of sand usually between 1 – 2 mm. Mason sand also meet ASTM regulations for masonry mortar, meaning it can be used for making mortar like cement. Mason sand is generally used for making mortar, or for home projects such as sand boxes, lining for swimming pools and volleyball courts. Mason sand is used to mix mortar for many construction purposes. Mason sand is very soft smooth sand so it is good for areas where you think that kids will be playing. The closest comparison to mason sand would be sand you find on the beach. Common uses for mason sand also include drainage systems, golf course bunkers, and deicing airport runways.